Group Research

1) Research source: Library Catalog
2) Topic: Soup Kitchen
3) Search Term: Soup Kitchen
4) Result: 55 results
The first article provided the necessary information regarding the soup kitchen’s role in modern state welfare and provides detailed examples ranging from different times and location, such as Jerusalem in the early 20th century.
5) Unrelated/ Unsuccessful Search Terms: soup kitchen + servers + society, The unsuccessful search resulted from too many specific terms.
Gal, John, and Mimi Ajzenstadt. “The Long Path from a Soup Kitchen to a Welfare State in Israel”. Journal of Policy History. 25.2 (2013): 240-263. EBSCOhost. 24 October 2013.

Library Day

Tomorrow, when researching, I expect what I find to be helpful in making the argument in my Food Prep Essay clearer. It will be hard to do since using the library database can be challenging but after the tutorial we did, it should be easier to manage. Each type of research I find should be able to match my argument correctly. It also should be reliable and scholarly, and not just some random website I find on google.