Essay Progress

Among all of the essays and blog posts I’ve written this semester in English 1B, the topics I am most interested in are probably the ones concerning

1) Celebrity chefs like Alton Brown and how his career started and progressed through the years.

2) I also found the interview of a food preparation professional very interesting; knowing how they are treated every day during work and how hard it is to work with food and customers. Trying to figure out how these people help build communities was very challenging but fulfilling because I was able to retrace and try to connect their actions with other food experiences.

3) Exploring and writing about local farmers markets in the area was also a very interesting experience. Getting to interview a farmers market vendor and finding out their products enlightened me on how these markets help build communities as well.

Looking back, it seems like most of my essays and blog posts revolve around how food and food preparation helps join and strengthen communities. This may be a good angle on our final portfolio and essay.