Dr. Harris’s Chocolate Cake


This chocolate cake served with Nutella was delicious and I wish I could have another slice. When microwaved, the melted Nutella oozes down onto the cake, creating a rich and smooth texture. The slight bitterness of the cocoa in the cake and the sweetness of the Nutella compliment each other perfectly. The cake was sweet, moist, savory, and delicious. The smooth, foamy texture was unique because it was heavy and filling. The melted Nutella on top is a perfect substitute for icing. Unlike other cakes, this “icing” does not overpower the cake itself. I may be biased because of my undying love for Nutella but this is the best use I’ve ever seen of the sandwich spread. It added a smooth texture to the foamy cake and complimented the taste of the cake perfectly instead of overpowering it. Overall, this cake was delicious and was made beautifully. Despite the tiny imperfections due to the use of coconut milk instead of real milk, it did not greatly affect the taste, if not improve it. It was the best chocolate Nutella cake I have ever had.


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