Locavore Challenge

Today, I tried to eat only locally grown food. Needless to say, it was very difficult. For lunch, I tried going through local restaurants close to the campus since I have no other way of transportation besides my own feet. While walking down 4th St, I passed by the very well known Mexican restaurant within all the college students named Iguanas. When I asked one of the staff where they get their produce and all their food, I soon found out that none of their ingredients are locally grown or made. However, since I was extremely hungry and their incredibly large burritos looked scrumptious, I failed the locavore challenge. While searching the word “locavore” on Yelp, I found a few places that claimed they only sold food made with local food. These restaurants, however, were very pricey according to the website. One of the restaurants called Valley Plaza Cafe says they “[offer] fresh local produce, pastas, scrumptious sandwiches & innovative dishes from Chef Luis Narvaez.” I would definitely try to eat in this restaurant if it weren’t for its price. Although it is moderate, it would not fit a college student’s budget. When I have the time and money, I will definitely try to do this locavore challenge again. For now, the only locally grown food I will get to have are fruits from Just Below and the eggs from the Dining commons.¬†


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